Cozy photo of woman writing in notebook sitting on the floorWelcome to Libby’s Letter.  I’m Libby.

Libby, if you haven’t figured it out, is short for Liberty.  I write with a pen name because I am a mom, a business owner, an American who doesn’t have time for an IRS audit.

I have a degree in journalism.  I worked in media for over a decade.  I now work in a creative field.  I attend a very liberal church.  And, I married a  Northerner.

I don’t have many conservative friends.

Growing up in an accounting firm, I saw first hand how and from whom the government really takes the money that they “re-distribute.”

I am a conservative.

Before I understood the political spectrum in the United States, I would say I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  Today I consider myself Libertarian-ish.  Constitutionalist might be a better fit.  I live by: live and let live; unless you’re spewing mis-information, then you must die, or maybe just be exposed.  

I do not believe that tolerance is a virtue.  I believe that understanding is.

I can tolerate just about anything except a hypocrite.  Freud might have something to say about that.

Though I have a degree in journalism, I was told by my professors that I was not a good writer.  But, screw them.  Here we go.


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