Trans Tots: Is It Time for Moms to Start Speaking Up for These Kids?


I am a concerned mom of a three and a five-year-old and I am writing this in an effort to find other people, maybe other moms, who have the same concerns I do but, like I have been, are afraid to say anything.  That is unless you count blogging anonymously…then I’m brave as hell, because I am just a wee-bit obsessed with this subject in the same way I’m obsessed with crop circles.

As I’ve written before, my concern started when my oldest was almost three and I came across a blog of a woman who was raising her son as a girl from the time he was about my daughter’s age.

My daughter.

Almost three.

Brunette but thought she was blonde (At 5.5, still does).

Insisted she would grow up to be a daddy (still does).

Determined she could choose to be a bird and fly (still is).

Thought Elmo was actually calling on the phone via the Elmo app (Still does).

Believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy (Still does).

All of the above interpreted by me through a head-tilting, squinty-eyed,  half flat-out guessing 9590644061_2ae87477f6game of toddler charades.

These are the thoughts running through my head as I’m reading a blog of a woman raising her boy, the same age as my daughter, as a girl.

Is my child a dumb ass?

No way could my three-year-old have communicated a desire in an articulate or informed enough manner that she could have ever convinced me that I must raise her as the male gender she felt she was actually born.  NEVER.

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