Mis-Information Nation

8147134510_3888fbe057_bIn the majority of U.S. media right now, there are two lenses being used by the press and the lenses are interchanged depending on which stories they want to emphasize and which stories they want to play down.

The first is a standard lens but it looks as though a toddler eating an Oreo just generously licked the entire contents of their little mouth onto the lens.  It’s filthy.

The second lens is a wide-angle lens and makes things look larger than they actually are.  Think room in a real estate photo that you imagine would make a good media room only to discover in person it would actually make a better coat closet.

The calculated use of these lenses according to the story being covered is what has contributed to our division and is what will keep us divided if we don’t all choose to be more discriminating in the way we receive information.

For the last eight years, the right half of the country has been scared because of what they’ve seen directly and what they’ve tried to decipher through the content filmed through this filthy lens.  If any dared to speak out about the things that were scaring them, they were called horrible names and labeled with despicable character traits, all which was portrayed through the wide-angle lens.

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