This blog is my refuge.  It helps me keep my sanity.  And, it keeps the friend count of my actual persona stable.

For years, I went through life knowing that people thought differently when it came to social issues, but I thought we always pretty well agreed when it came to the fiscal side.

My Democrat friends would go on and on about the candidate they were supporting, assuming I agreed.  The line I would always drop as an attempt at true commonality was, “…all I know is that the government spends too much and we shouldn’t send anymore of our money to the government.”

Cheers would ensue and we would all link arms in unity and sing.  Pretty much.

Social media changed everything for me politically.

I realized that my liberal friends think very poorly of conservative people and like to call them names.  “Wait.  What? That’s me!”

I try to remind myself that I’m the only one who can see MY news feed.  Perhaps not everyone else is getting the “let’s burn the hillbilly, racist conservatives at the stake” posts.  But, on a few occasions, perhaps after a couple of glasses of a good red blend, I’ve forgotten and publicly posted political posts (say that five times fast).

Recently, I did this and realized how absolutely, friggin’ awesome it felt.

That is, until I received two private messages and one e-mail explaining why I was an an incredibly vile person because I’m voting for lower taxes over very pressing social issues.  

Believe it or not, that didn’t surprise me as much as the other messages I received from friends who thanked me publicly and privately for speaking out, saying that they don’t know how to deal with what they’re seeing.  Other friends who sent me paragraphs of what they wished they could post, but were scared to.

It struck me because I realized that there are a lot of us out there – a lot of Americans who are scared to express our true beliefs because we’ve been called bigots and racists and closed-minded hicks.  This kind of rhetoric has been successful in shutting down an entire group of Americans.

But, here I am, one American bravely writing anonymously in posts that I, and possibly my dog (he’s pretty smart) will probably be the only ones to read.  More importantly,  I may be able to use this blog as a tool to prevent myself from lashing out on Facebook time and again and becoming, that girl.  We’ll see…