8546097456_fec1cfe9e9The tag line for this blog is A Liberal Conservative’s Political Ramblings because I think my views, which come from my conservative beliefs, are much more liberal than those of my friends who call themselves liberal.

In fact, I hear them and their politicians battling feminist issues, abortion, race and worker’s “rights” and I think they sound more regressive than progressive.  It’s as though they’re stuck in the 1950’s and 60’s and don’t realize that by fighting fights that have already been won or that are no longer relevant, they’re actually holding back the people they say they’re fighting for.

I don’t think the people realize they’re doing this; but I think the politicians do.  I think the politicians know exactly what they’re doing because they’re manipulating these issues and, as a result, the people, in order to gain and keep power.

Wow.  Did I just say that?

It’s true.  And, I’m not afraid to say that if you’re following these politicians and their trumped up issues (damn, “he’s” ruined that term):  You.  Are.  Getting.  Played.

The real truth is I am terrified to say the above  because I’ve seen first-hand what the current liberals and big government Republicans in power do to people who effectively go against them.  I would love for a ton of people to read the point-of-view of this blog and say, “oh!  I didn’t know that view existed. That actually is a more liberal view.  I agree with that and I will stand with those people, peacefully, and for real improvement in our country.”  But, that would mean that this blog could change the course of the very, very, very powerful current “leaders” in our country.  They would find me and destroy me and my family.  And, if you don’t know that then you’ve either been under a rock the last eight years or you’re on “their” side.

So, doubtful that this blog will change the world, I’ll just have to write to keep from lashing out inappropriately on Facebook.  Thank you, blog.