Done with Liberal Lies!!!

I am so tired of liberals propagating these lies about conservatives all in the name of “love” and “tolerance” when they have no idea what conservatives actually believe.  I could not let the following illustration shared by a “friend” go.  The original wording is in black, the truth I know is in orange.  Sorry if it’s hard to read. Highly recommend doing this if you haven’t.  It’s very therapeutic.


My Convo w/Liberal Protestor

When it comes to questioning my liberal friends on what they believe politically and why, I have kind of given up.

In past I’ve found myself correcting liberal friends on their interpretation of conservatism.

“Sometimes I think I’m a conservative at heart because I’d be ok with exterminating certain parts of our population.”


That’s historically been a liberal, big-government (aka commie) stance.  Not conservative.

Might want to look that up.

“I’m a liberal because I believe in the little guy, not big government.”


That’s a conservative tenant.

After a while, you just feel like an asshole which is why I don’t dare broach my liberal friends lists of grievances with Trump.

Until Today.

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Reasons Your Protests Piss Me Off

32483165902_84555d0665It seems there have been a lot of women protesting against Donald Trump over the weekend.

As I scroll through photo after photo of friends holding protest signs littered on my Facebook feed, I began to realize these people piss me off.

It’s nothing personal against any individual.  It’s not even the vagina hats.

I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that they are able to march through the streets revered by the media and unscathed by their government.

When I marched against government spending back in 2009, I would have never dreamed of posting a picture of myself at the protest to any social media platform.

I couldn’t.

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The Truth About “White Privilege”

19472064300_e264870aaf_bAs a mom, the phrase, “white privilege” infuriates me.

It angers me as a mom to white children; but it may make me more angry about the message it sends to our black children.

“White Privilege” tells black children (all black children) that they are victims and that their starting point is from behind.

“White Privilege” tells white children (all white children) that they don’t have to try as hard and that they have advantages other children don’t.

Both are a lie.

Neither message is one that ANY parent, teacher, coach or mentor ever wants instilled in a child whose future they care about.

It begs the question:  why are we allowing our children, with brains not yet fully formed, to be fed this negative and defeat-driven message?

It’s bullshit.  And, we need to stop.  We need to pull our heads out of the ass of the 1950’s, move into the future and use language that lifts up ALL of our children.

We need to flip the discussion.

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Hillary Clinton has publicly and broadly deemed half of all Trump supporters as “deplorable” calling them racists, sexists, homophobic, Islamophobic and Xenophobic.

I, personally, am not so arrogant or desperate for power that I would ever feel comfortable demonizing that many people all in one broad stroke.

What I am quite sure of and desperate about is the state of the country that I love and its’ citizens who are being demonized and called the worst names possible by the most powerful leaders in our country in what, I can only assume, is an effort to divide us so that they can gain power.

That, Ms. Clinton, is what is truly deplorable.

Americans are reeling from eight years of extremely slow and uncertain economic growth.  Conservative Americans who were already fed up with the spending under the Bush administration are now having to sit back and take it while the debt sky rockets even more from the $10.6 T  at the beginning of Obama’s term to an estimated $22T by the time he leaves office.  All of this, while being called racists, bigots and homophobes just for wanting more certainty and a different economic direction.  What a fun ride this has been.

So, what Hillary Clinton just assured with this “deplorable” statement is that not only will the out-of-control spending continue, so will the bullying of Americans.

The irony, I believe, in Clinton’s statement is that it is that kind of demonizing of Americans that led to Trump in the first place.

I don’t like Trump.  He scares me.  And, I think he’s a bully.  But, I think Clinton is a bigger bully.  And, I absolutely believe that’s why Trump is the nominee.  You don’t call in the quiet nerd to beat up the bully who’s been kicking your ass in the school yard.  You call a bully.  And, you just hope that your bully is bigger and louder than the bully who’s been making your life a living hell.

You may not even respect the bully who is helping you find refuge, but you use him to get the old bully off your back – to get to wedgy-free place.  At least now you’re not powerless.  And, if your bully succeeds but doesn’t work out, the long-game is that the whole school yard has now experienced bullying and we can move on in common sense with our old nerd herd.  Ya know, the reasonable well thought-out folks who believe3 in being kind because they know the hurt that comes from name calling and proverbial swirlies.  

That’s what I think Americans are doing right now with Trump.  I don’t think that they embody the horrible names that this administration and Hillary are calling them.  I think (mostly from talking to some) that they are just as horrified by some of the things that Trump says.  I do think that they are looking for protection – a protection to get them to the other side where they (myself included) hope that there is true unity and prosperity for all.

And, that’s all I have to say about that.

Except for this:

Why the Press May be the True “Deplorables”






Why the Press Might be Most “Deplorable”

Hillary has just relegated a very large portion of the American people into the basket of deplore.

As Jeff Foxworthy might say, “Heeeerrre’s yewr basket.”

Although, while the racist, xenophobic, bigoted, yada yada portion might not have gone over as well in a Foxworthy act, it killed in Clinton’s little comedy routine.  That crowd…well…rather deplorable.  They might be charitable, but from the sounds of the laughter they’re obviously a group of arrogant dick-heads.  Maybe it was just nervous laughing and cheering.  Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anyhoo, as frustrating as this tired “you’re a racist and I’m not” act has become, I still can’t help but to reflect on how we got here.  Hmmm…how did we get to the point that it is Ok for the most powerful people in the world to call those with no power the most horrible names imaginable?  And, for the other half of the powerless, ya know, the Americans who have not (yet) been called names, to also feel entitled to join in the name calling instead of standing up for their fellow citizens?

Makes me think that if I were to create my own basket of deplorables, the first group I would throw in…

The press.

I have a degree in journalism.  If I learned anything in my five years of media/alcohol tolerance training,  I learned that the press is a critical part of our democracy, “the 4th estate” as it is sometimes referred.  This means that our press is intended to be the watch dog for the American people, specifically when it comes to protecting us from our government.

Over the last eight years, while our government “leaders” have either insinuated or flat-out called conservatives, police officers and in some cases, all Americans: racists, biggots, tea baggers, terrorists, Islamophobes and xenophobes…

The press sat silent.

And while this administration, specifically Hillary Clinton, wrongly but intentionally blamed a U.S. citizen’s work published on YouTube for the terrorist attack in Benghazi on 9/11/12 (video here)

The press sat silent.

Have you made a YouTube video?  Or know people who have?   While I can’t promise you that a piece of work you’ve published online won’t be publicly blamed for a terrorist act the way that they blamed this poor guy, I can promise you that if you do find yourself in the same situation…

The press will sit silent.

That YouTube video creator was nothing but collateral damage to this administration desperate to win the election.  As someone with a journalist’s heart….HOLY SHIT!!!!  What an angle!!!  Are you kidding me??  This is the kind of story that makes a reporter.  An administration who appears to have  intentionally chosen an American citizen to target, blatantly violating his First Amendment Rights, all to save their ass from looking bad with a terrorist attack on 9/11, killing an ambassador (that’s huge) less than two months from re-election.  This is WAY WAY bigger than Woodward/Bernstein.  So, why was that angle not covered?  Why were Americans not in the street standing up for this American?  Maybe because…

The press sat silent.

Americans knew that they didn’t have back-up.  They knew that they too would be demonized because they don’t have the bully bull-horn that our government does.  The press is supposed to be the “people’s bullhorn,” but that bullhorn’s in a broom closet somewhere, with the GSM’s flask.  I know it scared the shit out of me.  In fact, it’s important to note here that I am in perfect health, a very cautious pedestrian/driver/subway rider, not at all suicidal and have absolutely no reason to be audited.  K?

The press failed us.  And, they continue to fail us.

Over the last eight years, there are numerous incidents of  the most powerful people in the world demonizing every day American citizens who have absolutely no power or protection except the press.

And, the press has sat silent.

The big story here is fear.

It’s the fear that at least half of American citizens now have of their government.  The same fear that now makes standing up against government feel like a risk.

That’s the real story.

Take it from me, an anonymous blogger.




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