Why Are We Saying Nothing?

Why Are We Acting Like This Is Normal?  Especially, When You Know the Facts.

5685698927_a5cb246308Did you ever stop to think, “What kind of parent would allow their little girl to use a locker room filled with boys?”

Have you wondered, “why are we not questioning these parents?”

I have to admit something that might actually make me one of the most qualified people out there to comment on this subject.  For a short time, I was obsessed with a mom’s blog who was raising her son as a girl…from the time he was two.  I was not obsessed in a good way, more of a ’bout to call the cops’ way.

I had a two almost 3-year-old at the time.  My daughter had done every single thing that 13569290024_82c491fccbthis mom had listed as reasons her son was a girl – only reversed.  My daughter would say she wanted to be a boy when she grew up.  She wouldn’t play with dolls, only blocks.  She only wanted to pee in our side yard “like a boy.” She didn’t like pink or purple, only blue.  She would talk about how she wanted to grow up to be a daddy.  All, mind you, in the voice of a 2.75-year-old, not very clear.  We thought it was adorable and hilarious and, as such, unknowingly, made the (I guess) controversial choice to continue raising her as a girl.

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