The Middle Ground – Not in the Middle


I’ve believed for a long time that the middle ground in our country, isn’t located in the center of the U.S. political spectrum.  You might be shocked to learn where I really think it lies.  Or, not.

I’ll say this often through this blog.  I feel that I have a unique perspective being a conservative surrounded by liberal friends and colleagues.  What I find most intriguing, or maybe a little bit scary, is that my liberal friends will often attribute particular tenants to the wrong side.

They’ll talk about how conservatives are fascists who just want to control and legislate every American; assume conservatives don’t recycle because they don’t believe in global warming (climate change); or, a line I’ve heard from more than one liberal friend goes something like this, “Sometimes I think I really am a conservative because there are a lot of people who I’d like to wipe off the planet.”


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