Mis-Information Nation

8147134510_3888fbe057_bIn the majority of U.S. media right now, there are two lenses being used by the press and the lenses are interchanged depending on which stories they want to emphasize and which stories they want to play down.

The first is a standard lens but it looks as though a toddler eating an Oreo just generously licked the entire contents of their little mouth onto the lens.  It’s filthy.

The second lens is a wide-angle lens and makes things look larger than they actually are.  Think room in a real estate photo that you imagine would make a good media room only to discover in person it would actually make a better coat closet.

The calculated use of these lenses according to the story being covered is what has contributed to our division and is what will keep us divided if we don’t all choose to be more discriminating in the way we receive information.

For the last eight years, the right half of the country has been scared because of what they’ve seen directly and what they’ve tried to decipher through the content filmed through this filthy lens.  If any dared to speak out about the things that were scaring them, they were called horrible names and labeled with despicable character traits, all which was portrayed through the wide-angle lens.

The left half of the country, who weren’t experiencing these things first-hand, were getting their news through the same dirty lens (dirty = dirt; not dirty = sex, let’s keep that in mind as you keep reading).  Things didn’t seem so bad to them because if you weren’t directly affected by a story or in a position where you would question, it was hard to determine the other side’s actual grievances.  And, when it came to the other side, their persona was being defined as horrible, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, yadda, yadda all told through this wide-angle lens.  That became the story if you were on the left rather than the facts of the original, real stories to which these “racist, red-necked bigots” were reacting.

Where does Fox fit in, you ask?  Well, first, they’re one network.  Second, President Obama did a grand job of discrediting them from the get-go so you can’t even really ask about Fox.

Like a liberal and fair-minded friend told me when I shared my concerns over a government blaming a  youtube film maker for a terrorist attack, “That’s just a Fox news conspiracy.”

Alrighty, there’s actual video but I guess that Fox News jib-jabed that up.

This is one reason, I believe, that it is so difficult to educate ourselves on hot topics today. You can search and find tons of articles on the bigots who oppose the bathroom bill in fact, many in the media have renamed them the “anti-transgender bills”; but it’s almost impossible to find informative articles on what these bathroom bills actually entail.  We’re outraged over how the Trump administration is handling immigration, but it’s impossible to objectively decipher how his plan differs from Obama, especially this early in the game.

This theory of mine, that I formed not from opinion but actual experiences, is the only way I can rectify the way I’ve seen liberal friends treat conservatives over the last eight years and the way I see them doubling down on that treatment of Trump supporters today.  There are really only two conclusions that I can deduce based on their actions:

1.) They think it is ok for this group of people to be marginalized because they don’t agree with their beliefs.

2.)  They have no context and don’t understand the targeting and the fear that conservatives have lived under the last eight years primarily because the media has not been doing it’s #1 job – protecting the people from the government.

It’s easier for me to walk around every day assuming my lens theory is to blame for my liberal friends apparent ignorance.  This allows me to treat them as they appear, like a hoard of people who just came out of a bunker where they’ve been living for eight years.

If you have no context and don’t know what the other side has endured by the hands of their government with assistance from the media the last eight years, then your perspective is totally different.

For example, Chuck Todd recently stated that the Flynn firing was “arguably the biggest presidential scandal involving a foreign government since Iran-Contra. Take a breath, hyperbole aside, folks, hunker down cause this is a class five political hurricane that’s hitting Washington,”

This is a wide-angle lens.

The conversation embedded below with Obama telling the Russian Prime Minister that he will “have more flexibility after the election…”

Fudgey lens.

Another fudgey lens, when Todd calls Benghazi a “miscalculation” on Hillary’s part.  I’ll say it again and again, Benghazi could have been the story of our lifetime if the media had covered it.  Kills me as a someone with journalist’s heart.

I have little doubt that there will not be peace in our country, between the figurative right and figurative left, until the left realizes the part that their side has played and is playing  to divide us with the very willing help of the press.

photo credit: Darron Birgenheier The Unblinking Eye via photopin (license)

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