Boy Scouts Broad-in Their Tent


The boy scouts announced this week that they will now be allowing girls who identify as boys into the tribe.

Well, holy shit.

That’s one way to get girls in your tent.

This hot topic of transgender tots is one that, at the ripe old age of 40, makes me feel like I may have lived too long.

Not transgender adults.

Transgender kids.

Because, for the love of God, they are f*cking kids.

Say it with me.

Kids.  Children.  Little beings who are not yet fully formed who rely solely on adults around them to teach them and protect them.

A child’s brain is not fully formed until 25 years of age.  And, yet somehow, parents have deciphered, often from toddlers who can’t even fully speak yet, that their young child “identifies” as the opposite sex.

Bull.  Shit.

I swear to you, imaginary reader, that the people who are holding up the parents raising their child as transgender were the same ones yelling child abuse when parents were dressing their little girls as miniature beauty queens…

“You’re sexualizing your kid.  Making old men think dirty thoughts about little kids because you’re dressing them all sexy in red lipstick and big hair.”

Suddenly, just a few years later,  it’s ok to take those same little girls, dress them as boys and let them spend the night in tents with a group of pre-pubesent boys and grown ass men in oversized boy scout uni’s.

But…at least they’re not wearing red lipstick and looking like tramps.

That’s for the little boys in girl scouts.

I’m being mean at this point but only to the parents of these children.  Not the children. The children can’t help it.  They’re children. Which is why I’m pissed.

Actually, I also feel for the parents to a degree.  I do see the faces of these families and how nice and normal that they look and I get totally sucked in and feeling empathetic.  I know how hard it is to be a parent and to try to do right by your kids.

I also know what it’s like to be guided by a counselor who, either out of self-interest or just plain ignorance, gives bad advice.  Take it from a woman who tried to work out an abusive relationship for two years because of the insistence of a therapist who blamed me for the situation calling me a “runner.”  So, I really do try to be understanding.

Then, I remember.

These are KIDS!!!!

It’s not right.

And, it’s not your right.

It’s their right.

And, it’s a right that you, by making a life-altering decision for a minor, is taking from them.

No frequently visited blog site or published book on a best seller’s list is going to make it right.

Because it’s wrong.

And, everyone, deep down, knows it.

It’s common sense.

It feels like abuse.


It feels like the 90% of us have to sit back and watch you abuse your child lest be called a bigot.

The American College of Pediatrics also feels like it’s abuse.

 “Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse,” the American College of Pediatricians concludes. “Endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents, leading more children to present to ‘gender clinics’ where they will be given puberty-blocking drugs.”

Here’s what trips my shit out the most and if you don’t have kids or you haven’t been around kids much, you may not know this.

First, I could project anything that I want onto my kids and I do, on a daily basis.  Most parents do.

We think our kids are going to be astronauts or doctors or engineers or comedians or – in some cases – worry that they have issues that will hamper them from being whatever it is they dream of being.

But, dream is the key word when it comes to kids because they’re a blank, clean slate.  it’s easy to write anything you, with an adult mind, want to on that slate.

Ultimately, its up to the kid.  Later.  When, they’re old enough and informed enough to make that decision.

And, we’re only talking about careers.

If I’m able to make such drastic decisions about my child’s gender and sexuality from the time they’re two, what prevents a parent from making other life-altering decisions?  If a parent can decide their own child’s sex as young as two why can’t they decide that the kid can marry?  Drive a car?  Walk down the street by themselves?

Who are you to judge?  Bigot.

To illustrate the second part of what really trips me out about this whole issue, I am going to share a real-life example.

My youngest has eaten from a dog bowl since she could crawl.  She’s three now and I can’t keep her away from them.  I have to guard the dog bowls from her while the dogs eat so that she doesn’t get their food.  Many times, I have caught her hiding in the closet eating from the bin where we keep the dog food.

She also likes to sleep in the dog beds and play with dog toys.  She barks and scratches like the dogs and if you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s a doggie.

I’m not exaggerating.  This is true.  All of this behavior she has exhibited from before she was even one.  And, it hasn’t stopped.

I’ve chosen to think that maybe she’ll be a vet or a dog trainer.  I’ve even imagined that perhaps one of my past dogs has been re-incarnated as my youngest daughter but all of this is my own interpretation.  I’ve put nothing on her. But, what if I took it literally?  What if, because she only wants to wear a dog collar and leash that I started dressing her in a dog collar every day and dragging her around on a leash even letting her go to the bathroom outside?

What if I raised her as a dog because I believe, as her parent, that she identifies as a dog? And, what if because I believed it and treated her like a dog her whole life, she too, as she grew up, believed she was a dog?

Would you judge me?

Call me crazy? Abusive?

I can tell you what I know for damn sure.

The boy scouts wouldn’t allow her in their tent.

Not without shots.

photo credit: HA! Designs – Artbyheather Vintage Boy Scout Registration Card Front via photopin (license)

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