My Convo w/Liberal Protestor

When it comes to questioning my liberal friends on what they believe politically and why, I have kind of given up.

In past I’ve found myself correcting liberal friends on their interpretation of conservatism.

“Sometimes I think I’m a conservative at heart because I’d be ok with exterminating certain parts of our population.”


That’s historically been a liberal, big-government (aka commie) stance.  Not conservative.

Might want to look that up.

“I’m a liberal because I believe in the little guy, not big government.”


That’s a conservative tenant.

After a while, you just feel like an asshole which is why I don’t dare broach my liberal friends lists of grievances with Trump.

Until Today.

Below is a play-by-play of the conversation I had with one of my liberal friends who attended the women’s rally over the weekend.  He’s a dude.

[After being told that this person attended a protest]

ME:  What were you protesting?

HIM:   Trump.

ME:  Just that you don’t like Trump?  Or has he done something specifically?

HIM:  Well, everything really.  I’m really scared.  The guy’s a racist.

ME:  I’ll be honest.  I don’t understand the racist thing.  I’ve tried to look up what he’s said that’s offended people.  I think I’m missing something.

HIM:  Well, the wall’s the biggest…he wants to keep Hispanics out.

ME:  Mexicans.  He doesn’t want to keep them out, he just wants to secure the border, right?

[now, I’m dipping my big toe in]

HIM:  But, that is keeping them out.

ME:  So if the Canadian border had the same dangers with the drugs and weapons coming across, would it be racist to try to try to prevent that so that people would come in through a check-system?   I might agree with you.  I just don’t know what your side’s plan is and when the response is always “you’re racist” I can’t take them seriously.  What is not racist?  Amnesty and open borders?

HIM:  We need those people.  Who’s going to do the work we won’t?

ME:  Oh.  I don’t know.

HIM:  Global warming too.  He’s a science denier.

ME:  You mean climate change?

HIM:  Yea.  He’s going to destroy our planet…or his policies will…

[I debated for  a second if I should poke the bear]

ME:  You believe in climate change?

HIM:  Of course!!  You don’t?  I don’t get denying Science.

ME:  I’m not saying one way or another about climate change but I don’t get calling people Science Deniers.  Aren’t those who don’t allow any other evidence to be considered really the ones denying science?

HIM:  What other evidence?  You can’t deny the Earth is warming.

ME:  Actually, I think that’s exactly why they started calling it “Climate Change.”  There was like a 10-year lull in our Earth warming.  They call it the pause or something.  And, my Dad said in his day they called it Global Cooling.  Why shouldn’t we question?

HIM:  You can’t tell me you don’t want any regulation on these big factories…

ME:  That’s different.  That’s pollution.  I read a lot about Global Warming right before they started calling it Climate Change and I really don’t know that there is substantial evidence to support that humans cause the climate to change.  Now billions (a lot of our money) is circulating to chosen  entities in an effort to try to, what?  Change it back?

HIM:  I don’t think 97% of scientists would sign something that said that they believed in climate change if they didn’t.

ME:  It’s a word game.  …I don’t like that we are being forced to believe something because someone somewhere made the decision that it exists and then anyone who disputes it is belittled and called stupid “Science Deniers.”  That goes against the whole study of Science.

HIM: But, you’re a woman.  He doesn’t care anything about women’s health.

ME:  You’re acting like Trump is my guy.  I didn’t support Trump.  I just don’t understand what the protesters are protesting.  And when the left says “women’s health” they’re always talking about abortion!  Why is that even an issue with Plan B?

HIM:  Women should have the right to chose.

ME:  I read somewhere the majority of Millennials don’t even support abortion.  I truly think it is because they were born into modern technology instead clinging to antiquated views all for political power and drama.  It feels like your side tries to deny the fact that a fetus, without intervention, becomes a living baby.  Then call those of us who question global warming or whatever they’re calling it now, Science Deniers.  The gestation of a human is actual proven science.  Doesn’t that make your side the actual Science Deniers?

[I was starting to get a little miffed.  Another reason I don’t like having in-depth conversations with my liberal friends.]

HIM:  97% of Scientists…

ME:  Who???  Who are these damn Scientists??  Are they hanging out with the 3 out of 5 dentists???  Don’t you think that’s peculiar?  They’re able to track down the world’s 100% of scientist in order to say 97% agree.  That doesn’t even make good basic common sense.  No one should believe that.  It’s being a sheep.  I’m sorry but I am so frustrated.

[Now, I’m regretting going there.]

HIM:  [looking smug] You can’t deny that he has no respect for women…

ME:  …because of stupid shit he said ten years ago???  You’re a guy.  Don’t tell me you don’t know guys talk like that especially to impress their other guy friends.  My husband,  one of your fellow libs, even admitted that to me.  All of that, “it’s not locker room” talk is bullshit. I grew up with boys. Damn it.  It’s not that I’m defending him.  It’s just frustrating because…it feels like everything is made up or exaggerated and these protesters are just repeating what’s been put out there by…by who?  Who’s pushing this stuff?  It’s very frustrating because when people like me try to search these things, nothing fits together.  A lot of it is subjective, ‘well, he called a black guy black so he’s racist.’

[at this point I’m just babbling.]

HIM:  He’s said some pretty crazy crap.  That’s enough.  And that many people aren’t just going to come out for nothing.

ME:  That’s what’s confusing to people like me.  And, I don’t support Trump.

[deep breath in, deep breath out pause]

ME:  ….and you voted for Hillary?!  How can you even bring up treatment of women when you voted for a woman who practically condoned her husband getting blown under his desk from young girls.  A woman who called the women who claimed he raped them “bimbos?”  One of those women even said she threatened her.  How can anyone who voted for her say anything?  And, I know damn well you’d vote for Bill if he was up.  All of you.  So, you’re hypocrites.  It’s frustrating.  I’m sorry.


That will probably be my last inquiry into a Trump protest.

Agree to disagree.

I’m not a fan of Trump (I could be) but I’ve learned I’m even less a fan of people protesting against ambiguous rhetoric and falsehoods, especially when they scream hateful things all in the name of Love Trumping Hate (caveat – as long as you agree with our definition of love).

The same people on my Facebook feed who were publicly defriending their Trump supporter friends because they are racist, ignorant, bigoted hillbillies  are the same ones who are now posting pictures of themselves in the streets with signs tauting Love Trumps Hate.  I think you’re missing an apostrophe.  Love Trump’s Hate.  I’ve seen the way you act on social media.  I know who the real hateful people are.

That’s why I couldn’t sit silent today.

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