Reasons Your Protests Piss Me Off

32483165902_84555d0665It seems there have been a lot of women protesting against Donald Trump over the weekend.

As I scroll through photo after photo of friends holding protest signs littered on my Facebook feed, I began to realize these people piss me off.

It’s nothing personal against any individual.  It’s not even the vagina hats.

I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that they are able to march through the streets revered by the media and unscathed by their government.

When I marched against government spending back in 2009, I would have never dreamed of posting a picture of myself at the protest to any social media platform.

I couldn’t.

Had I posted a picture of me at a protest among citizens who were calling for nothing more than government accountability, all of my friends, clients and colleagues would think I was racist.

They would think that because our government leaders deemed us so and our media propagated the lie.

Those Americans who wanted to believe it because it fit their narrative, did.  They still do.  Now the moniker has been branded on Trump’s forehead.  Why would any of us who have wrongly been called racist incessantly for eight years believe it when it comes to Trump?

I’m not a racist.  I was (am) just a small business owner who was outraged by the amount ($832 billioin) of money (our money) that was being handed out by our government and to whom?   If they had just taken that amount and divided it between every American, we each would have received about $2500 (I think my math is right.  Had to use a special calculator to calculate.)   Dividing that “stimulus” between every small business in the US would have been about $30,000 per small business.

Sorry.  I digress because sometimes I forget I don’t have a right to be outraged because I am a racist.  I’m also a terrorist.  So says, our previous President, Vice President, previous Speaker of the House and the majority of the media.  Oh!  And, I’m also a tea bagger. Thank you for that little lesson in alternative sex-ed, President Obama.  

Think I’m full of shit?  Keep in mind I am a woman who started an anonymous blog to vent about my political frustrations out of fear of an IRS audit.

I’m not a Trump supporter.  He has done things that I don’t agree with and, had I not seen what I have over the last eight years, I too would probably be outraged and scared.

But, my perspective is different.  In fact, I think there are a lot of us who are living in a different American reality which gives us this different perspective.  In an America where we’ve been marginalized and called names for eight years.

You didn’t protest then.

Many of you joined in the name-calling.

Whispered it with us standing right there.

And, now you have Trump.

Deal with it.

photo credit: scottlum Trump Inauguration Protest via photopin (license)

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