My Convo w/Liberal Protestor

When it comes to questioning my liberal friends on what they believe politically and why, I have kind of given up.

In past I’ve found myself correcting liberal friends on their interpretation of conservatism.

“Sometimes I think I’m a conservative at heart because I’d be ok with exterminating certain parts of our population.”


That’s historically been a liberal, big-government (aka commie) stance.  Not conservative.

Might want to look that up.

“I’m a liberal because I believe in the little guy, not big government.”


That’s a conservative tenant.

After a while, you just feel like an asshole which is why I don’t dare broach my liberal friends lists of grievances with Trump.

Until Today.

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Reasons Your Protests Piss Me Off

32483165902_84555d0665It seems there have been a lot of women protesting against Donald Trump over the weekend.

As I scroll through photo after photo of friends holding protest signs littered on my Facebook feed, I began to realize these people piss me off.

It’s nothing personal against any individual.  It’s not even the vagina hats.

I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that they are able to march through the streets revered by the media and unscathed by their government.

When I marched against government spending back in 2009, I would have never dreamed of posting a picture of myself at the protest to any social media platform.

I couldn’t.

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