This is the “Liberal” I Know


This picture is from Hillary’s speech proclaiming that half of Trump’s supporters could be put in a “deplorable basket,” calling them homophobes, xenophones, racists, Islamophobes and sexists.

What struck me, but didn’t surprise me, was the message below her as she said it, “Stronger Together.”

This blatant and ignorant irony is what I’ve come to know as a common trait in liberals.

I learned this first hand in a liberal church.  I was proud to be a member of this church because I knew it was a place that my gay friends would also be welcomed.  Not that I was proselytizing and on a mission to save the gays, it just made me feel better to be a part of a church that I knew wouldn’t judge people who I consider good friends.

The slogan of this church is “All are welcome…”

Then, one Sunday I was sitting in a sermon listening to the pastor talk, as he often did, about how our church different.  We weren’t like these fundamental churches who were closed-minded and judgmental.

He’d said this almost every sermon but it wasn’t until then, in the height of all the conservative bashing by our politicians, that it hit me.  Sure, my gay friends could walk in and feel warm and fuzzy but half the country would walk in and feel insulted and belittled including most of, actually all of, my family.

Not cool.



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