Trump for Clinton Campaign 2016


Author:  McFreedom

I’m not a “never Trump” guy, but if you’re a Trump voter please convince me how he is more conservative that Hillary?

If you tell me immigration I’ll give you that issue, but I do believe that could be in rhetoric only, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Here’s what I see:

1. Bailouts – he wanted them bigger than Hillary and didn’t think we went far enough.

2. He wanted to nationalize our banks. Think about that. No Chase bank, Bank of Texas, Legacy Texas, Capital One, etc.  One bank and all those others are gone.  The US Government Bank.  How do you think loans would work in this bank?  If your black, gay, lesbian, illegal, or anything you get your loan without credit check.  If your white or Christian, need not apply.

Hillary wouldn’t do that.  She just wants bail-outs.

3.  He wants to nationalize our health care and have a one payer system. Think about that! Obama didn’t go far enough with his communistic model.  What we’ve been fearing Obamacare would lead too is one of his policies.

Hillary wants to keep Obamacare the way it is.

4.  He is not for free trade and will get us into trade wars. Look at the wars he’s created within the Republican Primary. What’s he gonna do when he’s President?

Hillary makes horrible deals with other countries, but at least we aren’t at war.

5.  He wants to raise taxes on the rich. First off this is never just the rich but, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it is.  When did the Republicans leave Trickle down economics?

Hillary says she’d leave the tax code the same…for now.

6.  I hate Hillary’s back room Chinese deals and the closeness they have. I can’t stand it, but even these crooked, backspin, shady deals would be better than Trumps policies.

Trumps policy is let’s park our war ships off their coast and negotiate from a position of power.  If they don’t agree with us then we will open fire.  Think about that!  Hillary even wins on China policy which is crazy!

This guy is a straight out socialist.  Forget about liberal.  He started out a big government liberal with bigger bailouts, but crossed the line with nationalized health care and nationalized banks.

The “Never Trump” campaign messed up in their name.  They keep a closed mind and everyone hates that.

Makes a person wonder if the Democrats control Republican elections?  Think about it.


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photo credit: Hail Hydra via photopin (license)

One thought on “Trump for Clinton Campaign 2016

  1. Interesting article. I have thought Trump could be somewhat a Manchurian canidate against Republicans, but he has struck a nerve with his tone. It doesn’t seem that anyone looks any closer than his tone on his policies. He litterally says things and an hour later changes what he just says yet he is the “straight shooter” because of his tone. I guess the Republicans didn’t look much closer than his tone, but he won’t have that benefit in the general. It will be interesting.


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