Personal Potty Responsibility

I am obsessing on this bathroom issue.  It’s so absurd that it’s fun to think about.  Sort, of.

I’m as compassionate as the next guy [or maybe the one after him] and I feel for a transgender person’s dilemma over being judged going into the bathroom of his/her choice.

But, maybe more than anything, I hate that they hate that they have to feel that way.  Ya know?

And, you know what else?  That’s care-taking.  I’m zoned out during most of my therapy sessions, but I vaguely remember hearing that care-taking is not healthy.

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Stop Helping the Creepers, Please


About fifteen years ago, when I was much younger, early-twenties I would guess,  I went to the movies with a few of my girlfriends.  The theater was primarily empty except there were a few groups in front of us and a couple behind us.  We were sitting on the right side of our row which was otherwise empty

The lights dimmed, the little popcorn box danced across the screen telling us to be quiet (I don’t even think silencing your phone was a thing, then)  and the trailers at the beginning of the movie started.  I was enthralled in the screen when I noticed a man in my peripheral.  He walked in the theater, still primarily empty, all the way down to our row where he stopped, turned right and began walking all the way down our row where he eventually sat, right next to me.  Not two seats away from me.  Not one seat away from me.  Right next to me. Continue reading “Stop Helping the Creepers, Please”

Will the Real Bigots Please Stand Up


Author:  Libby Belle

I am currently in the process of shrinking and laminating my birth certificate so that it’s easier to carry and show next time I need to use a public bathroom.

If you don’t know, there are several states whose legislators have drawn up bills that would require individuals to use the bathroom according to the gender given them at birth.  I think.

Honestly, it’s hard to find details on these bills.  I’ve tried several times.  Perhaps I haven’t tried hard enough or, perhaps, deep down, I just know I have better things to do.  Like, cleaning my own uni-sex bathroom.

As far as I can tell, the bathroom bills appear to be premature and with no basis.  As ridiculous as it appears these so-called “bathroom bills” are, I do believe that they uncovered what is now a real problem in our society .

In fact, you could say that, in creating laws to solve a problem that hasn’t occurred yet, these legislators have actually created the problem that they were trying to prevent.  Phew!  Did that make any sense?

I like what Charles Krauthammer said best, “It’s a solution looking for a problem.”

Well, I think the solution found its’ problem.

As a result of these bills, American politicians, entertainers and companies like Target and Paypal are now speaking out in support of letting people use public bathrooms and dressing rooms according to the gender by which they emotionally identify.

By speaking out in support of gender fluid bathrooms, they have solidified and fueled the fears that many in this country didn’t even know existed three months ago.  There is now a group of people in this country (I venture to say more than half in reading the comment section on every news story) who are scared of what a lax bathroom/dressing room protocol could lead to because they don’t want their daughters/mothers/grandmothers or themselves to feel threatened in a place where they are vulnerable.

The response from the potty-for-all folks?

To infer or flat-out call these frightened people closed-minded and bigoted. This is the response from the side who has deemed themselves the sympathetic, compassionate, open-minded ones supposedly standing up against bigotry.  Again, I need a list of acceptable bigotry.

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My Rights Are Better Than Yours

Photo Credit:  A.F. Branco –

Twice in the last week, I’ve been confused about the position of spokespeople I’ve overheard on the news speaking in regard to the Religious Freedom Bills popping up across the country.  Their statements were so blatantly hypocritical that I couldn’t believe they didn’t realize it themselves.

Bruce Springsteen  said the “fight against prejudice and bigotry” is more important than any rock concert.

In another news story a spokesperson said, “No one in the United States of America should be discriminated against as a result of their personal beliefs.”

In both instances, I thought the quote was referring to protecting the religious rights of those who had denied services based on their beliefs.

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The Middle Ground – Not in the Middle


I’ve believed for a long time that the middle ground in our country, isn’t located in the center of the U.S. political spectrum.  You might be shocked to learn where I really think it lies.  Or, not.

I’ll say this often through this blog.  I feel that I have a unique perspective being a conservative surrounded by liberal friends and colleagues.  What I find most intriguing, or maybe a little bit scary, is that my liberal friends will often attribute particular tenants to the wrong side.

They’ll talk about how conservatives are fascists who just want to control and legislate every American; assume conservatives don’t recycle because they don’t believe in global warming (climate change); or, a line I’ve heard from more than one liberal friend goes something like this, “Sometimes I think I really am a conservative because there are a lot of people who I’d like to wipe off the planet.”


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Why Are We Saying Nothing?

Why Are We Acting Like This Is Normal?  Especially, When You Know the Facts.

5685698927_a5cb246308Did you ever stop to think, “What kind of parent would allow their little girl to use a locker room filled with boys?”

Have you wondered, “why are we not questioning these parents?”

I have to admit something that might actually make me one of the most qualified people out there to comment on this subject.  For a short time, I was obsessed with a mom’s blog who was raising her son as a girl…from the time he was two.  I was not obsessed in a good way, more of a ’bout to call the cops’ way.

I had a two almost 3-year-old at the time.  My daughter had done every single thing that 13569290024_82c491fccbthis mom had listed as reasons her son was a girl – only reversed.  My daughter would say she wanted to be a boy when she grew up.  She wouldn’t play with dolls, only blocks.  She only wanted to pee in our side yard “like a boy.” She didn’t like pink or purple, only blue.  She would talk about how she wanted to grow up to be a daddy.  All, mind you, in the voice of a 2.75-year-old, not very clear.  We thought it was adorable and hilarious and, as such, unknowingly, made the (I guess) controversial choice to continue raising her as a girl.

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